Linux Sound


The good news is that you do not have to do much to get sound working. The bad new is that I have just spent ages trying to get the ALSA drivers working but without any luck. The even worse news is that I have spent weeks trying to hack the sources to get the headphones to work. You can have sound from the speakers, but not the headphones.

Provided that you complied the kernel or got the package, all that you will need to do to hear some sound is adjust the mixer levels. You can do this through the gnome mixer applet, or by installing the tkmixer package. You should then be able to hear the noises that gnome is making.

Obviously, you will need to decide on what MP3 players you are going to install.


To be able to adjust the volume as a normal user, you will need to chmod 0666 /dev/mixer0. You will also need to chmod /dev/dsp0 in order to play sounds as a normal user.