Love it, or hate it, my browser of choice is Mozilla. You will probably need a browser of some description, and there appears several from which to choose.

Getting Mozilla

I chose to get Mozilla straight from I did not get a Debian package for Mozilla, I got the most recent version at the time, which was 1.2.1.

Installing Mozilla

Debian 'owns' most of the file system. There are some places where you can freely install software without it disturbing Debian in anyway. One of these places is /usr/local. This is where I copied my files, so I had a /usr/local/mozilla directory containing the uncompressed files.

Additional Steps

Mozilla will not run immediately, there are at least two other things that we must do. Firstly, we must install some 'old' libraries. When Mozilla was created, it was done so against these libraries. You should use dselect to install the libstdc++2.9-glibc2.1 package.

We now need to add /usr/local/mozilla to the path for root, and for regular users. For root, this can be done by editing the file .profile by adding the value :/usr/local/mozilla onto the end of the line that sets the PATH variable.

For regular users, we update the file etc/profile, again by adding :/usr/local/mozilla onto the end of the path variable.

It should now be possible to run mozilla by just typing mozilla. You might like to download a new appearance for it though!