The Smuggler Returns
June 21st 2003
Being honest, I would have been quite happy to stay in the UK, but I have a duty to fill here, and I know that I have had a bit of a harsh time because of the amount of work. Work that I did not have in England, although the time still went too quickly.

Once I arrived back in Addis, I stayed in the airport. The flight arrives early in the morning and it was not worth trying to get a hotel so I finished reading my book (bought for the flight and now), and then went to VSO once I thought someone might be there. I did some more work on their computers and then scabbed a lift to the airport again.

When I went to MIT the next day, they were very surprised to see me, they thought that I was coming two days later. However, I delivered my presents that I had bought in the UK and started work again slowly.

Since then I have been working fairly hard, but not as hard. I also have not been keeping the diary as up to date as I should. I will start writing the diary properly again now, although the entries are likely to become less frequent.

Sarah had bought a present for students - Boggle. This is a word game that is now being played regularly by students and staff in the canteen. We needed something light and that could be played quickly. This allows them to practice more of their English.

The present for Molla was a computer mag, a book on starting your own business and we bought him a book about Kent with lots of photos. This was to give him a bit of a picture of England. I need to find a book of grotty pictures to balance it though!

Ato Hagos the chemistry teacher got a small 'pocket science' kit that contained simple experiments that did not need much equipment.

My boss got a laptop (although he is buying that!).

I bought a rechargeable flourescent lamp for my landlady (I had asked what she wanted). That was interesting - it took ages to find one light enough to take and then the first one did not have a charger. While changing it for one that did, I explained where it was going. The woman at B and Q stated seriously, 'I didn't know they had big towns in Ethiopia'.

I have delivered nearly all of my gifts for VSO people but two remain - a special present that I hope to deliver today. It is not a serious present, and they did not ask for it. I bought two 'gentleman's' magazines for the volunteers here. Remember it is a joke present - they did not ask me. I very much doubt you could get magazines like this here. In fact it was probably a bit of risk having them in my luggage.