Sick Computer
Mar. 25th 2003
I don't know why, but after yesterdays frustrating day, I have ended up in a very good mood.

I went to where the car should be, and got picked up on time - that will have helped.

When the staff at MIT asked me to help, I didn't begrudge them the time. I know it's not fair, but I normally think that when they ask me, they are using up my time. When I ask them it is always because of the backward way things are done. That is almost certainly not the way to think but I am still adapting. Something meant that I was happy to help today. Maybe the forced, extended sleep helped.

I provided another surprise for the students today. Again, I had not had time to create a genuine lecture so I had made up something about floppy disks using a bit of string and some pieces of paper. It involved the students walking around a central point with the bits of paper on the head (marked with a North and South pole) while holding onto the string to keep them in line. I think it worked well, but I still need to determine how to get honest, critical feedback from the students.

During the lab in the afternoon, one of the computers died. It has been sick for a little while. I suspected that opening it up and giving most of the parts a prod might be able to cure the problem. This served as a great way of showing the students the internals of a computer. I would not normally risk opening the computer unless it was necessary. Now I had a good chance, without taking a risk - if the computer was damaged then I couldn't stop it from working. It started to work properly again as soon as it was put back together so I think the prodding have done the trick. If it does fail completely, then I think I know where its power supply will be going :-).