Tinnish Linen
Mar. 22nd 2003
I have now moved into the house properly. It has two large, high ceilinged rooms, and a small shower room. The shower room is quite 'social'. I can see out of the window when sitting on the toilet. Just outside is a basin used by other residents. It's nice to meet your neighbours while taking the kids to the pool.

The toilet seat was not quite enough for my Ferenji lardy arse. It was already broken, but after sitting on it for a few minutes it decided to shift sideways and sprayed small bits of plastic into the air. I think a wooden toilet seat will be on my list of UK purchases.

The family here are very friendly, but thankfully have left me to get on with unpacking. I was surprised but quite thankful that they left me to move the furniture myself. The English ranges from good, to excellent and I haven't had any trouble communicating. I want to learn tigrinyan though. After shifting the stuff about, I headed into town to meet with the other volunteers, and to see the new arrivial. There is a new volunteer teaching English at Kellamino. They, at the moment, have decided to stay there. Probably a wise choice - it is actually quite easy to get between the town and Kellamino. MIT to town is comparatively difficult, and MIT to Kellamino is a nightmare. With the other volunteers and some locals we were able to buy a lot of stuff. Things like bed sheets and big buckets. I bought a small barrel for storing water. I do not want to be caught out without water once again. It seemed very expensive (40birr.) but if it means that I have water when there is none, it was well worth it.

After shopping, we headed back to the house so that the others could see it. At least they agreed that it was nice. This means that I can start to enjoy it more knowing, that there is less chance that I will want to move while I am here.

Over one of the windows there were no curtains. I have created my own from the single sheets that I bought in Addis. The bed I have here is a large double. That in itself is a slight problem. It's quite easy to get large beds, but not sheets that are large enough. There is only about 3 cm on each side to tuck in. I will have to learn to sleep without moving. In fact, I had to go back to exchange the bed linen I had bought because that didn't fit at all.

Whilst walking back to the house, I suddenly had very bad hayfever. Or hayfever like symptoms. I was literally crying. This is the first time that I have felt hayfever here. And, once back in the flat properly I was unwell in other ways. Although I did manage to join the other VSOs in town that night I was not well at all. The hayfever seemed to change into a cold. I was glad to part early and go back to my bed. The mosquitos were quite glad as well. They seem to have had a feast