Chinese Quality
Feb. 24th 2003
Another storm is having a go at the moment. It seems that the small rains are definitely here. I hope that they will help the crops and that they're not too early. The hawks circling earlier had given me the warning.

Today has been quite stressful. I already seem to have a lot of work. As usual, of my own making. I have been writing letters asking for software to be donated, sorting out printers, writing courses, and struggling with injera. I might not get lunch tomorrow because I need to go over to the high school where they have some computers that we might be able to use.

I am a bit worried about some of the equipment used here. The 'dividers' - gangs of four seem to be of dubious quality. I took one apart that claimed to have a safety breaker, and to be double filtered. What I found inside was wiring that seemed far too thin, no filtering whatsoever, and the safety breaker was a complete fake. It was just a black plastic button that stuck out the side. It was nothing more, there was no way to attach wires to it. I think that I will be replacing the wiring when I can.