Sweet Tea, Scrambled Eggs
Feb. 18th 2003
Today was a holiday in Tigray (the region of Mekelle) to celebrate the liberation of Tigray, and Ethiopia, from the Dergue. It would normally be celebrated once every five years but this is only year three so i'm not sure why it is being celebrated.

I had been missing quite a few meals, but having lots of water. However, I was given very little choice about having breakfast and I wasn't able to refuse. Still, it was actually okay. It was scrambled egg (with lots of salt) and bread. There was also an extremely sweet tea but I managed to drink it. All in all, I think I have been coping with the food quite well but it still isn't my choice.

The room I have at the moment is quite nice but I am looking forward to getting a house. The floor in here can get quite dusty so I have been walking around the room trying to keep my trousers clean by rolling them up at the bottom.

This afternoon, I had a scheduled meeting with a director from TDA (Tigray Development Association). They are the body that founded MIT and initally the ones who supported it. It is through them that I have to arrange some of the stuff, but I am hoping that MIT will be able to be autonomous. However, for this we must sort out funding.

Note to self: After walking around the room with the trousers rolled up, I must remember to roll them back down. Walking around town and meeting people is not a good idea without following this advice. I did not realise until I was in the car coming back. Arse.