Feb. 13th 2003
The immigration department asked us all to show our faces in order to process the applications for residence visas. Once we had got through the security, we entered a short, long building designated for foreigners. Inside there were queues of people on benches. These weren't queues and queues as you would possibly imagine, but there was probably thirty or forty people waiting. However, we did not have to queue and pretty much they just wanted to see a person for each passport, and that each person matched the photo in the passport. I don't know whether we were given any special preference. This could possibly be a feature of being a ferenj, or it could be that the VSO office arranged a time, and that they were expecting us. I certainly wouldn't have liked to sit in the queue, much as I don't like to queue jump. This is typical of the diilemmas that you could be faced with. In such situations, if you are permitted to queue jump, do you do so and risk taking advantage of the situation. Or, do you turn down the offer and potentially offend people both in the queue and making the offer.