Sunday Lunch
Feb. 9th 2003
Early in the morning we set off for a walk in the Intoto hills just outside Addis Ababa. It was a substantial walk but my at least my legs didn't complain too much after yesterday. The scenery was beautiful and we met some very friendly locals.

After the walk, we headed to the British Embassy. VSO has a deal with the embassy and we are allowed to use their facilities. For a sunday, this meant that we could buy sunday lunch. It was quite bizarre stepping into the embassy. The road outside is fairly typical of what I have seen here. The jeep pulled up to the door, and bibbed the horn, again this is normal. As the door opened we were greeted by guards with little union flags on their uniforms. Inside the embassy was surreal. Once the doors shut, we were in a quiet, expansive haven. It was as if the rest of Ethiopia had been frozen, almost didn't exist whilst we were in the embassy's protective bubble. Reality soon struck again when we walked back to the hotel after lunch.