CD Writing


Currently the CD-ROM drive is being correctly detected as an ATA device. However to write to the CD we need to pretend that it is a SCSI device. The help files for XCDRoast describe how to do this but I shall explain the steps that I took. Note that this information is definitely specific to a Debian system. Do not follow these steps if you have a different distribution.

The first thing that should be changed are the boot options inside the GRUB file. Mine looks like this after the changes:
kernel /vmlinuz root=/dev/hda4 hdc=ide-scsi

The next step is to alter the modules. There are two stages to this. In the first stage, I created a file (cdwriting) in the /etc/modutils directory. This file had the following contents:
options ide-cd ignore=hdc
pre-install sg modprobe ide-scsi
You should then run the update-modules script to make the changes to the configuration files.

The next stage was to add ide-scsi to the entries in /etc/modules.


We need to make a few changes to the permissions to allow a normal user to burn CDs. It should be noted that some of the necessary changes have already been done by the Debian maintainers. You must issue the following commands:
chgrp sys /dev/sg*
chmod 600 /dev/sg*
chown root.cdrom /usr/bin/mkisofs

Running XCDRoast

XCDRoast must be run as root to create a default configuration file. Make sure you do this before using XCDRoast as a normal user.