Linux on Acer TravelMate 273XC


This web page, and the related pages, provide information on setting up Linux on an Acer Travelmate 273XC. The information contained in these pages is likely to be applicable, at least in part, to any one of the 270 family.


Although I have made every attempt to relay information accurately, I will not accept any responsibilty for any damage that you may cause to your machine, or anything else, based on any information contained in these pages. In short, you break it or lose data, then it's your problem.


These pages differ to many pages on setting up Linux on laptops. These pages are my notes - they provide more than just the basic information. They are not intended to be a step by step process for setting up Linux but they could almost be used as such. If you are not setting up a system from scratch and are just interested in a certain feature, then please follow the links in the navigation frame (apologies to text users).


If you do find any errors, then please do send me an email. I have tried to be accurate and include all information but this isn't something that I do regularly. Do bare in mind that your mileage is almost certainly going to vary, possibly even with machines of exactly the same spec.


Although noone has helped me directly with these web pages, much of the information has been found from the help files and documentation - well at least on the Linux side. Windows you have to hope for the best and experiment lots (thanks Microsoft!).

You will find much more complete and detailed descriptions in those files. Those authors are the experts, I am just applying their knowledge to this particular machine.