Installing XP


The following pages describe the process of installing Windows XP from the recovery disks. The assumption, at this stage, is that the machine contains no data on any partition. If you need to re-install Windows XP for some reason, then have a look at the recovery pages.

Note that this only describes the basic installation, later pages describe things that you might want to do to XP to complete any setup.

These notes describe a way of installing both XP and Linux so that, if necessary, either can be reinstalled without requiring the other to be reinstalled. However, this is not so if the partition size of XP must be changed.


Make sure that you have no data of importance on the machine. I backed up my recovery CDs. There are two reasons for this: you might damage them, and if you find that one is already scratched during an install, you're really knacked.

And the big one: you must install Windows XP before Linux.