Selecting Standard Packages


The dselect program is a front end, curses based, program that allows you to add and remove packages (clumps of software to a Debian system.) You should run dselect as root, and then select to update the list of available packages. This might check for updates. Then move onto install. This will bring up a load of extra packages that are not already installed. I just let it install these, because they are in some way, the minimum you would expect on a modern Linux system.

Caveat: If you run into problems with needing to insert the CD, then change to a different virtual terminal (ALT-F2), and mount the CD, using a command such as mount /dev/cdrom /cdrom.


Being in the UK, I chose en_GB ISO-8859-1 as my locale.


Debian has an extremely useful, and well written, FAQ. It can be found by going to /usr/doc/debian/FAQ. You will need to gunzip the debian-faq.txt.gz file. Once done, this can be read with more.